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CrossFit... Physical Exercise Philosophy and Competitive Fitness Sports at Shree Gym.

Shree CrossFit – The Fitness Sports

CrossFit is a fitness program. CrossFit is not only physical exercise philosophy, but also it is a competitive fitness sport. There are different workouts incorporate in CrossFit. Like High Intensity Interval Training, Olympic Weightlifting, Power-lifting, Gymnastics, calisthenics, Strongman, and other exercises. Shree Gym introduces “Shree CrossFit” fitness program.

CrossFit Benefits:

  • CrossFit’s combination of resistance and aerobic exercise.
  • It helps to increase stamina.
  • CrossFit helps for muscular strength.
  • Helps to increase endurance.
  • Increases your flexibility.
  • Increase your power, speed, agility, balance.
  • Helpful for coordination and accuracy.

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