How to maintain a balance between hectic corporate life and fitness?

Are you battling to maintain a balance between hectic corporate life and fitness?

In the quest for success amidst a highly competitive world, people give their best shot striving out of their skin to accomplish their cherished objectives.  No matter how passionate you are it is never a good idea to compromise your health. Unless you maintain a good state of health it is literally impossible to enjoy life. After all, we all want to live a happy and fulfilling life.

In contemporary times, the lifestyle of common people portrays as sad picture where health and fitness have taken a backseat. The excuse of a busy schedule may not be convincing in the backdrop as people are prudent enough to realize that health needs to top the list of priorities.

Well, if you find yourself in a similar condition and want to do something about it then keep reading.

Making time to stay healthy and fit

Striking a delicate balance is crucial when you want to stay healthy and fit irrespective of a busy schedule that requires you to handle a lot of stuff at work and home as well.  Apart from office commitments that compel you to hop from one place to other fulfilling targets and achieving deadlines, you are bound with family commitments too where you have to look after kids and aging parents. On the outset, it may seem that those little personal times are like gold dust that you badly need. More often you will find that the job responsibilities always intrude in the path of your exercise regime.

However, all is not lost and there is still hope. If you are serious about your health and fitness then you can maintain a sound state of health. Give consideration to these tips it will complement your fitness goals no matter how busy you are.

Commitment to a fitness schedule

You need to have a well-thought-out fitness schedule. It is the first mandate in your journey to stay fit and healthy.  As a sincere commitment towards working out daily you need to identify a time slot that you can reserve solely for personal care and betterment. Avoid being too rigid and prepare your schedule on a weekly or monthly basis. You need to keep room for adjustments as it will make the schedule feasible to adhere.

Planning practical workouts

While preparing a workout plan you need to be practical. Make sure that it complements your unique needs and preferences. Try to fit in simple exercises in your fitness regime that does not require too much preparation. If you are new to exercising keep distances from high-intensity interval training as they could be too demanding. You need to take it nice and easy focusing on long term benefits.

You should give preference to full-body workouts and compound movements like jogging, cycling, different kinds of body weight exercises like push-ups and squats.  The bottom line is to select exercises that you can do anywhere irrespective of whether you are at home or traveling.

Choosing Efficient Workouts

The secret to achieving a healthy body despite a busy schedule depends on how smartly you choose your activities. You need to make choices that will render maximum benefits in minimum time-frame. If you are keen to see the desired results in the least possible time then circuit training can be a good option.

Move it. Try Jogging

Jogging is one of the simplest and a highly efficient aerobic exercise that renders multiple benefits to your health. Just 10 to 15 minutes of jogging three times a week will give you a well-toned body, improve blood circulation, and help you to maintain healthy body weight.  Moreover, it is highly effective in preventing chronic ailments like hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes etc.

Running keeps you in a good state of mind and it is a potent stress buster. If you have any cardiac issues or if you have come of age then you need to consult your doctor before taking up jogging. As an alternative, you can try out brisk walking. Gradually, you will build on the stamina to incorporate running in your daily routine.

It is imperative that you order a good quality running apparel that features running shoes, a costume that fits well, and a backpack to carry some essentials like water and towel.  When you venture outdoors for a long period of time it is essential that you remain well-hydrated.  Getting in hydration fluid in your system will keep you fresh and help to deliver the best performance.

Lifestyle Changes With “On the Move” Workouts

When you think about exercising you need to broaden your outlook and think out of the box.  There are many hacks that you can try if you find it difficult to hit the gym. Here are some of the activities that can be helpful.

  • Take the highroad. Walk your way if you have to travel a mile or two.
  • Avoid the elevator. Instead, take the flight of staircase as it will make you hear to pump and tone-up the quadriceps. If your workplace is located in a high-rise multistory building make it a habit to take the stairs for a couple of floors at least once a day. As this is the easy workout in office which you can do.
  • Just before you take the morning shower do some deep breathing or a 20-minute mini workout
  • If you are doing a desk job do not keep yourself confined to the chair for more than an hour at a stretch. Take a break of 5 to 10 minutes at the stroke of an hour. You can do workout in office by doing brisk walk for 10 minutes within your office premises.
  • Join your kids for a game of soccer or a basketball whenever you can
  • Share your fitness goals with like-minded people it will keep you motivate and avoid boredom
  • Watch your portions when you eat and what you eat. It is rightly said that a healthy body is made in the kitchen. You are and you become what you eat. Try to eat clean and avoid sugary stuff and fast foods as they are loaded with unhealthy fats and unwanted calories.


Fitness for corporates

In corporate world employees can do ankle rotation, arm stretching, leg lifts and other such fitness exercises which won’t take much time, but can play a vital role for keeping them fit and healthy. These fitness tips for corporate guys can make a difference. Try it and see the change.


These are some of the hacks that you can implement to stay fit in the face of a busy work schedule. No matter who you are or whatever you do health is the biggest wealth that you have. Do the needful to preserve and improve it. There is no point losing your health to make a fortune and then lose the fortune to regain health. Think about it.

Workout Plan for Busy Moms

Plan for Busy Moms

As a busy mother, you hardly have any time for yourself. Right! After completing all your office assignments, it is the turn to manage home. Why do you forget one thing that if you stay fit, then everything will go fine? Else, all will be in vain. A mother is a very good manager as she holds the talent to manage everything tactfully.

It is high time to give attention towards your fitness. It is possible to take out time from your busy schedule to carry on with some easy to follow workouts. These programs have been designed exclusively for mothers. Home based exercise for mom really works and gives astonishing output. No need to spend hours in a gym!

Mom is Always in Perpetual Motion

True that a mother carries on with perpetual motion! There is some task left for her always, either east or west. A countable number of mothers can say proudly that they have time to carry on with fitness workout. Little bit of workout a day will keep the doctor away. You will not only shed extra pounds, but also remain energetic and fresh for long.

Quick workout plans for busy mothers have been designed with the motive to fit in the busy schedule. Come and boost your metabolism without applying any artificial technique. If you are already involved in a gymnasium, then it is all right. There will be a guide to take care of each and every movement.

Free Hand Workout Plan for Moms

What if you have no time to attend a gymnasium? That does not imply that you cannot include exercise in your daily routine. Below are some exclusive ideas that will add to workout plans for women even in the midst of adversities:

  • Running along with kids –


If you have tiny tots at your home, make them your friends. Enjoy running to and fro along with them. Running, counts to be a very good exercise. Kids are always in an excited state.  Get associated with them and enjoy all along.


  • Carrying out household activities in a fast state –


It is another exclusive option in terms of carrying out workout for busy moms. You may try to carry on with your household stuff at high speed as it will keep your metabolism at high state. Also, it will be enjoyable option as you will be able to free yourself quick.


  • Going for speed cleaning –


Can you work like an electricity? Yes, you can. Going on for high speed cleaning spree for at least ten minutes is a great exercise. This women fitness plan works well when one feels tired as it serves as an energizing agent. Also, it will clean your house to your surprise.


  • Going for sit-ups –


Do you remember those days when our parents and teachers used to punish us by ordering to do sit-ups? It is really a highly effective exercise to keep one fit. Carrying out with the chore for about ten minutes a day will shoo away joint pain. You need not to go for any artificial treatment.

Little bit of planning is required to keep one fit. Do not let any misinformation bash your entire workout play.

Hidden Treasures for Smart Moms

After mugging up some home based tricks regarding fitness, it is time to move ahead in a smart manner.  There are numerous workout plans for women designed by experts to make fitness season come within ones clenched fist. Online YouTube  videos are available that are inclusive of resistance workouts along with meals in a sorted out manner.

You may switch on to them anytime as per your convenience. It is possible to get through reviews by carrying out research online. Such videos serve to be as wonderful gift items too. Once you start playing them, it will seem as if you are in a class.

Nothing to Get Afraid

Many people hesitate a lot in terms of following those workout programs mentioned in YouTube videos. For your kind information, these programs are designed by top experts. They understand pros and cons in association with common men. There is nothing to get afraid as all stuffs included are meaty.

Programs are straightforward to let you perform great workouts. Women fitness has now become a cake walk. Pretty results may be easily seen in a quick manner that will serve to be a plus point. These programs are designed for both busy moms as well as stay-at-home people. You will definitely feel the difference soon.

Importance of High Intensity Interval Training

The High Intensity Interval Training will serve as bread and butter for busy moms. It is a package that comprises of certain workout plans for women to be passed on treadmill for maximum of half-an-hour. Some of the highly remarkable benefits of this particular type of training include the following:

  • Viable definition of muscle
  • Lowering risks of blood pressure
  • Reduction in risks of cardiac arrest
  • Decrease in number of cravings etc.

It is really appreciating that this training program can be easily carried out anywhere ranging from spin bicycle to outdoor. Little bit of effort along with time management will allure you with good returns.

Planning Everything in a Routine Manner

A disciplined lifestyle is as precious as diamond. Surprisingly, you will get time to carry each and every task of yours in a smooth manner. It is a good habit to plan your daily activities in a timetable. Fixing a particular time for exercise is good as it gives fruitful results. If you are working out in morning, carry out with the same during morning only.

So are you ready for workout? Don’t say No and these tiny home workouts have huge benefits. Get a healthy body and stay energetic every time, after all you make your family happy, so it is important for you to steal some time for yourself.

Get, set, ready and go! Stay fit, stay healthy!